A solenoid is an essential component in the automotive industry. It is a coil of wire that, when electric current passes through it, generates a magnetic field. This magnetic field can be used to generate linear motion with the help of a metal rod nested inside the coil, which is known as the plunger.

Automobiles typically use solenoids in starters and transmission systems. In a car’s starter motor, the solenoid acts as a type of electric relay. When the ignition key is turned, a small electric current is sent to the solenoid which then engages a larger electric current that starts the engine. Similarly, in automatic transmissions, solenoids control the flow of fluid in the transmission, determining the gears of operation.

Without a functioning solenoid, your vehicle may experience a range of issues, including failing to start or having difficulty changing gears.

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Solenoids are vital to the proper functioning of many electrical systems in your vehicle. If they are worn out or damaged, it can lead to serious issues. Therefore, it is essential to have them checked and repaired by professionals if any problems arise.

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